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The Couple's Connection
August 24-25, 2024
*(The date has changed from Aug 10-11)
San Francisco
An investment in your relationship!

What to expect:

A very nice and spacious location in San Francisco


Saturday session

9am-5:30 pm

Lunch and snacks served

Sunday session 9:30am-4:00 pm

Lunch and snacks served


$975 per couple

$800 before 8/01



Personal time with your partner

Group reflection

Breakout small group


Come as you are. You do not have to speak in a group or will be pressured to share anything you don't want to. This is a safe space.

Traci Freeman, Founder of Whole Health Counseling and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, is excited to host a weekend workshop for couples. She has worked with hundreds of couples at different stages in their life and relationship. While each relationship is unique, there are many themes that show up again and again. She has spent a great deal of time creating, fine tuning and building a comprehensive program. There will be several therapists onsite to support and guide you through the process.

Our goal is to provide couples with an enriching weekend, meticulously designed to foster profound communication, forgiveness, intimacy, trust, and resilience in their relationship. By offering immersive experiences, expert guidance, and practical tools,


we aim to empower couples to forge deeper connections and

unlock the full potential of their partnership.

This is for couples who cherish their relationship and are eager to invest in its growth. Whether newlyweds seeking a strong foundation or seasoned partners looking to reignite their spark, our workshop caters to those committed to nurturing a thriving bond.










Experiential Learning

Engage in dynamic exercises and activities crafted to facilitate meaningful insights and transformative breakthroughs in real-time.

Receive a Comprehensive Workbook

 Equipped with a meticulously curated workbook, couples embark on a journey of self-discovery and mutual understanding, guided by useful exercises and resources.


Guided by Experts 

Led by a seasoned relationship therapist, our workshops provide a supportive environment for couples to navigate challenges, cultivate resilience, and reignite passion.


Whole Health Curriculum

Delve into a diverse array of topics including advanced communication techniques, what forgiveness means, intimacy-building practices, trust cultivation, and self-awareness exercises. We take into account your emotional well being, physical health, career and /or work and family.


Personalized Exploration

Tailored activities allow couples to deepen their understanding of themselves and their partners, fostering empathy, compassion, and authentic connection.


Safe Space

Fostered by a nurturing and non-judgmental environment, couples are encouraged to explore vulnerabilities, express emotions, and strengthen their bond in a safe and supportive setting.

Actionable Strategies

All couples will leave with practical tools, strategies, and actionable insights they can immediately implement to enrich their relationship and sustain lasting growth.



the cycles, how to manage stress, regulation, the desire to be right,

reflective listening, reframing

Understanding where your relationship began

expectations you had, circumstances, needs and wants, beliefs and dreams


self check-in, the value of identifying them, how to use them as teachers, the need

for safety when vulnerable, how to process them in a healthy way

Building trust and emotional safety

addressing trauma, pain, hurt, forgiveness, hopelessness, communication and trust


how to emotionally regulate, have collaborative communication, reframe needs or desires, dealing with criticism and the impact of kindness

You will get over 14 hours of instruction, knowledge, assistance and guidance! 

$975 per couple

$800 if you register before August 1, 2024

This is a big value, as 14 hours of therapy would be about $2800.

Cancellation Policy: You will be refunded 100% of the cost if you cancel before August 1, 2024. You will be refunded 50% of the cost if you cancel between July 15-31, 2024.  No refunds will be issued after August 2, 2024. No exceptions will be made, however you can transfer your registration to another couple.

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