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Couples Counseling in San Francisco, CA​

Couples Therapy Whole Health Counseling

Welcome to Whole Health Counseling Center in San Francisco, CA, where we specialize in effective couples counseling. Our goal is to help you and your partner build a stronger, healthier, and more fulfilling relationship. Relationships can be challenging, and it's normal to face difficulties along the way. At Whole Health Counseling Center, we believe that with the right guidance and support, any couple can overcome obstacles and deepen their connection.​


Most couples get into trouble because they never learned the tools and skills necessary for making a long-term relationship successful. Imagine how much better your life could be if you could see yourself and your partner through the eyes of compassion. I believe the power of connection, trust, honesty, and safety are the key foundations of a healthy and thriving relationship.

We welcome couples of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, religions and race.

Our Services


Our experienced and empathetic therapists are here to offer a safe and non-judgmental space for you and your partner to explore your feelings, improve communication, and resolve conflicts. Whether you're dealing with trust issues, communication breakdowns, or simply looking to strengthen your bond, our couples counseling services are tailored to meet your unique needs.


At Whole Health Counseling Center, we use evidence-based techniques to help you understand each other better and develop practical strategies for a healthier relationship. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way in our couples therapy.


You can also contact Whole Health Counseling Center to learn about our workshops and then start your journey towards lasting connection and happiness.


Couples Counseling can help you...

Communicate more effectively & create positive life patterns
Work through disagreements or differences


Feel trust and at ease with one another
Learn how to identify one’s needs and share those needs with the other
Create safety together building authenticity
Let go of the past, and forgive, grow, and cultivate into something new together
Relate to each other in a healthier way, leading to the development of even more love

Empathetic listening vs. defensive listening
Understand positive and negative communication cycles
Deal with hurt and disappointment with one’s partner
Explore emotional and practical needs, what those needs are for each individual, how to ask for them, and how to recognize the others needs.
Intimacy: this includes touch, kind words, sensuality, and sex.


Check out our Couples Workshop: The Couples Connection, Aug 24-25, 2024

Pre marital counseling Whole Health

Premarital counseling

This is an exciting time for you, but maybe you want to dive a little deeper into understanding your relationship. It's better to fill your toolbox early in your relationship so you are equipped for the transitions, changes, celebrations and tension that will arise at some point.

This is a 10-12 week program that specifically covers the following topics in order that you feel are important. Your therapists will guide you in exploring personal beliefs, family patterns, societal expectations, social media influences and personal needs.

- Personal goals and personal dreams

- Career and/or further education

- Deciding on whether or not to have children and what that looks like

- Extended family, their impact, role and influence in your life

- Physical Health and Self Image

- Finances, your relationship with money and shared goals

- Spirituality and/or religion

- Social life, friends and activities

- Location, where to live, raise kids, costs of living, ideas of lifestyle

- Trauma that has impacted you and your relationship

- Shared values 

- Sex, intimacy and closeness

- Feelings and beliefs around arguing and disagreements

- Previous relationships including friendships or romantic partners that be impacting you

This is a great way to deepen your connection!

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