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Having great a team of therapists is our priority.

The goal of Whole Health is to become a collective of Associate and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area.


As an employee there are many benefits:


1. Associates participate in weekly group supervision on a rotating basis (16 weeks at a time, maximum 6 people)


2. Receive competitive compensation for therapy sessions 


3. Referrals to new clients


4. Ongoing trainings on a bi-monthly cadence

5.  Your income and expenses processed along with payroll


In the summer of 2024 Whole Health Counseling is launching a Couples Weekend Workshop "THE COUPLES CONNECTION" and members of our team can actively participate in supporting the clients in breakout sessions. Plus you will receive the workbooks and materials.  This is an opportunity to deepen your work with couples. 

This is a community!  We want to support each other through the journey of becoming licensed, being a therapist, growing in new areas, develop solid relationships and have fun. 

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