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Additional Information

How do I find a therapist that I connect with?

It's very important to find the right person for you!  This means you will feel safe to say what you're thinking and feeling, develop trust both ways and feel confident in the relationship.  We take this seriously and have screened and interviewed all our team members. 


Please click on our "get started / consultation" link to answer a few questions.  Within 48 hours you will receive a call from a therapist to set up a free consultation. The consult is a way for the two of you to connect and talk about your hopes, goals, intentions plus the therapist's approach and practice.  Feel free to ask as many questions as you like. If it's a good fit then you can schedule your first session.  If you want to meet a different therapist, let us know.  Sometimes it takes meeting a few people to find what you're looking for, and that's okay.

What does therapy cost?

Individual therapy $130 for 50 minutes, $190 for 75 minutes 

Couples therapy $140 for 50 minutes, $200 for 75 minutes 

We do not accept insurance, however if you are qualified for reimbursement then Whole Health Counseling will send you a superbill to submit directly to your insurance company. We accept visa, master card, discover and HSA cards.  You will set up payment from your patient portal.

I have never been to therapy before, what should I expect?

You are starting a new relationship with your therapist.  It will take time for them to get to know you, and for you to know them.  Building safety and trust is the foundation of a good relationship. From there you will explore what comes up, what's present for you and work towards your goals. You will not be forced to share anything that is uncomfortable or triggering, you are welcome to go at your own pace. This is where you can be who you are, be honest about your thoughts or feelings, learn and grow.  It's recommended that you try therapy for a minimum of 3 months so you both can build trust.

Do we meet in person or online?

We offer both.  This is a decision you can make with your therapist. 

I filled out the questionnaire, what are the next steps?

You will be contacted by a therapist for a free 15-20 minute phone consultation.  This is a great way for you to get to know one another, for you to ask questions and the therapist share more about their approach. If you don't think it's a good fit on the first try, please let us know and we will set you up with someone else. This is a very important relationship and we want you to feel comfortable, safe and understood. 

What is the difference between an associate therapist (AMFT) and a licensed therapist (LMFT)?

An associate is a therapist that has a graduate degree and is obtaining their hours to become licensed. They work under a licensed therapists and have ongoing trainings and supervision. They have the same education as licensed therapists. A licensed therapist has completed the required 3,000 clinical hours and passed the state licensing exam. You are in good hands with both!

What are the modalities and approaches your therapist use?

Almost all theories, modalities and schools of psychological thought have strengths and insight. That's why most therapists integrate a few into their practice, depending on what the client wants from therapy. This includes:

Parts Work


Somatic / Body Awareness

Non Violent Communication

Emotionally Focused Therapy

Internal Family Systems

Trauma Informed Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Theory

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy


Art and Expression Therapy

(to name a few!)

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