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Meet Yourself in a New Way

Whole Health Counseling has a team of excellent therapists that can support and guide you in new ways. We are ready to help you with many of life's challenges and explore ways of understanding yourself more deeply. Our approach is about your whole health, and all parts of you are welcome.

We offer affordable therapy and sliding scale options. 
Couples Therapy - Individual Therapy - Teen Counseling - Gay, Lesbian and Trans affirming therapy - Parenting Therapy

The Couple's Connection, Weekend Workshop

August 10-11, 2024

Finding a therapist only takes a few minutes.

1. Fill out the intake form

2. Our team will match you with a therapist

and contact you with that information.

3. Schedule your first session, in person or online.

Our staff is skilled to process depression, anxiety, panic attacks, family systems, low self esteem, sex and intimacy, communication, life transitions, high conflict relationships, career changes and/or dissatisfaction, bi-polar, borderline personality disorder, addiction  and exploring your deeper feelings. We offer sliding scale therapy on an as need basis.

An Introduction from Traci Freeman, Founder and Psychotherapist


Our team offers individual therapy to teens and adults. It's a relationship built on trust and safety so you can explore and process what's happening for you. Welcome to a journey of deeper self understanding and growth.

We Offer Affordable Therapy 

Sliding scale ranges $80-$120

Regular sessions $130-$150

Couples Therapy
& Premarital


Imagine how much sweeter your relationship could be if you could see and hear your partner’s heart. Move out of arguing and conflict into a collaborative and nurturing relationship. Our therapists will share many tools on how to improve communication, sex, intimacy, balancing the family and career.  We want your relationship to be a success!

Workshops and Support Groups

ANNOUNCING: The Couple's Connection Weekend Workshop! 

August 24-25, 2024


We want to support our community and be a resource to many.  There are an ongoing series of support groups, meet ups and workshops.  We are also open to hearing what you want, so send us your ideas. 

Often groups are a wonderful way to learn that you are not alone and build new relationships.

Approaches to Therapy

Therapy Approaches Whole Health Counseling

Taking a "whole" perspective of a person is imperative for each individual journey.  That is why we try to incorporate the strengths and insights of a variety of approaches. 

Acceptance and Commitment (ACT)
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Internal Family Systems

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

Parts Work

Client Focused Therapy



Psychodynamic Therapy

Trauma Informed

Somatic, Body Awareness

Art and Expression Therapy

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